School Fees & Charges 2017

Payment of Fees

School fees are payable each term. These fees cover tuition, use of textbooks and consumable items. Stationery, books and other materials remain the property of the school.

Invoices are forwarded to families at the beginning of each year and a progress statement issued at the start of each term. Payments are due within 14 days of the date of this Invoice or statement unless alternative (and operative) arrangements are made with the Business Manager. A $20 monthly accounting fee will be imposed if accounts are not paid within 30 days of the due date.  We expect all fee payments to be completed by December 31st in each year (again, unless an acceptable arrangement has been agreed with the Business Manager.) 

A fee verification and method of payment form will be sent to families each November  and needs to be returned to the school prior to the start of the new school year. Fees can be paid by the following methods at the school office or by phoning the school during normal office hours.

Cash or Cheque, Credit card, Eftpos

Direct Debit, weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your nominated bank account. (Direct Debit forms are available from the front office)

Deposits into the school nominated bank account


Installments, Prior arrangement can be made with the school by contacting Mrs.Sharon Palmer if this payment arrangement is preferred.

Fees paid for the Full year in advance prior to the 14 days receive a 6% discount.

Fees paid for a Term in advance prior to the 14 days receive a 4% discount.

Fees are not refundable when students depart part way through the year, except by the approval of the Board.


A Reminder Text Message or letter will be sent 2 weeks after this pay by date if fees are still outstanding.

Children are enrolled in the School on the understanding that parents have committed to pay all fees when they are due. As a small Christian community school we seek to keep fees as low as economically possible, so we do ask that fees are paid on time.

Please understand that you are responsible to comply with your chosen payment plan.

If, at any time, families are experiencing financial difficulty, they are encouraged to make an appointment with the Business Manager in order to seek a timely solution. Should a family’s decision for their children not to attend Horizon Christian School be solely financial related, we encourage them to contact the school to discuss their particular circumstances.